05 August, 2014: The Acer Iconia Tab W500 has a clever design that allows you to detach its Netbook-like screen for use as a standalone tablet. The W500 skips the standard VGA video-out port, and instead substitutes an HDMI port, which seems like a positive, but may depend on your specific video needs. It also includes Bluetooth, missing from many 10-inch Netbooks, but note that the two USB ports are located in the keyboard base, not in the detachable screen, so you won’t be able to use them in tablet mode. 

The W500 performs about as well, if not better, than other small-screen Windows tablets we’ve tested over the years. Even with the low-power processor, we were able to stream Netflix video and scroll through Web pages with a minimum of stuttering. Powered by AMD’s 1GHz dual-core C-50 processor, the touch screen was responsive, and dragging a finger down the screen actually resulted in something close to satisfactory scrolling–a task many Windows tablets seem to especially have trouble with. 

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