25 July, 2014: The Asus G750 is one of the first laptops with Nvidia’s new top-end GeForce GTX 880M graphics cards. The hefty keyboard is great for WASD gaming, and a generous selection of ports makes it easy to add accessories or external monitors.One of the fun things to do with a big gaming rig is hook up multiple external monitors, and with the HDMI and mini-DisplayPort jacks on the right edge, you can do just that, with the high-end GPU allowing you to drive each one at HD resolutions.Of course, any gaming laptop lives or dies based on its display. In this case, you get a 17.3-inch 1,920×1,080-pixel screen that works well, but doesn’t distinguish itself from the competition. On the plus side, the screen has a matte antiglare finish, which I’ve always thought added realism and immersion in games. Off-axis viewing is decent for a non-IPS screen.

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