12 August, 2014: The Duo doesn’t look all that different from other Netbooks in Dell’s Inspiron line, except for a thick line around the display, inset about an inch from the edge of the lid. That’s the cutout for the rotating screen, and this final hardware version had a swiveling hinge that felt tighter and more secure than on an earlier prerelease demo unit we tried. The Duo is surprisingly thin on ports and connections, choosing to offload many of the standard features one would expect to dockWhen flipped into tablet mode, the screen switches to a touch interface, although you can close that and go back to the Windows 7 desktop at any time. The touch interface’s large, finger-friendly icons launch custom apps for photos, video, e-books, a paint program, and more. station (which makes it much less optional). This includes an SD card slot and Ethernet jack, which are both found on the dock but not on the system itself, and any kind of video output, which is missing from both the Duo and the dock. 

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