27 August, 2014: The current XPS design goes back a few generations of hardware and features a matte gray lid and chassis border, with a matte black interior that blankets the keyboard, keyboard tray, touch pad, and wrist rest for a monochromatic look. 

The thin silhouette is excellent, and considering the spinning-platter hard drive and GPU inside, the XPS 15 is very slim and lightweight (it’s still 4.4 pounds, but distributed over the wider surface area of a 15.6-inch laptop, that doesn’t feel heavy). The aluminum and carbon fiber construction feels solid and well-machined, with no ill-fitting joints or rough edges.the newly revamped XPS 15, from Dell’s high-end product line, is a spectacular laptop, matching the premium features of Apple’s also-excellent 15-inch MacBook Pro almost blow for blow. 

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