07 August, 2014: The Kodak EasyShare Z981 feels like an afterthought in the company’s camera lineup. It was released at CES 2010 but was not part of the fanfare for its other models announced at the same time. The only thing that seems to tie the Z981 to the rest of Kodak’s offerings is its Share button and built-in software for quickly getting shots off to friends and family or uploaded to photo-sharing sites. Otherwise, it’s pretty slapdash with missing features, a somewhat clunky design, average shooting performance, and inconsistent photo quality. 

It is cheap, though. Its MSRP is well below competing megazooms and can be found for about $100 less than that price. If all you care about is price and a long zoom lens, this camera might make you happy. But frankly, there’s little else here to make it worth recommending. The Z981 looks like several other megazoom cameras. After all, there’s only so much that can be done when you’re working around a big, wide-angle 26x zoom lens. For the most part it’s the same as 2009′s Z980, but feels fractionally more compact. The only visible difference is that the previous model’s hot shoe was jettisoned. This is really the biggest highlight of the camera as it allows you to quickly tag photos and movies for posting to Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube in addition to directly sending them to e-mail addresses or compatible Kodak digital photo frames. Tag what you want and then connect the camera by USB to a computer, and the built-in software handles the rest. At least it will once you’ve installed it on your computer and entered all of your account information. 

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