18 July, 2014: The large screen and lie-flat design make the Lenovo Horizon 27 a fun family PC with lots of casual gaming potential. It includes several gaming accessories and has a custom user interface, Aura.The 18.6-pound Horizon 27 is just plain big. Unlike some other 27-inch all-in-one systems such as the Dell XPS One 27 and the Apple iMac, it has no separate base for connections or an adjustable arm — everything is built right into the main unit, including a heavy-duty kickstand.

Unlike the kickstands in similar systems, this one feels spring-loaded — you won’t be pulling it out and pushing it in with one hand while adjusting the screen angle with the other. When used exactly as intended, it works well. That means that with the Horizon sitting upright, you gently but firmly push down and back on the top edge, and the kickstand folds in and lowers the system until it’s lying flat, a move that also launches the built-in Aura tabletop software. Lifting the Horizon up by the same edge deploys the spring-loaded kickstand, and you can stop at any angle along the way, up to about 85 degrees, and the system will stay perfectly still.

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