04 August, 2014: The Nokia Lumia 2520 features fast gaming performance and LTE support out of the box. Xbox Music is an incredibly robust streaming app, and Nokia Music allows you to listen to songs you don’t own without an Internet connection. It includes the full version of Office.If Nokia were going to make a tablet, based on its recent phone designs, the Lumia 2520 is almost exactly how I’d imagine it to look. The Verizon version we got for review has a striking red chassis and a thick jet-black bezel on the front. There’s also an unmistakable plastic feel to its body, but it doesn’t necessarily give off a cheap tablet vibe. The back is slightly sloped so that the edges of the tablet are a couple centimeters off your desk when laid down flat.The Lumia is slightly thicker than the Surface 2, but the Surface 2, with its aforementioned kickstand and full-size USB port, earns its extra girth; the 2520 has no such trade-off. Additionally, its corners are pointy and when held they’re a constant reminder that rounded corners are the way to go on tablets — especially those of the heavier ilk. 

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