28 July, 2014: The Chronos’ size permits only a single graphics card, and Origin has also capped the power supply at 600 watts. That’s a reasonable amount of power for a small PC, and almost double the capacity of the Alienware’s X51 330-watt PSU. Practically speaking, it means you can use almost any current-generation graphics card in the Chronos. The chief innovation of the X51 is its ability to use a double-wide graphics card in a slim tower case, but the Alienware’s smaller power supply means you’re limited to midrange GPUs.

The SSD storage and higher-end graphics cards alone make the Chronos a more flexible system than the X51, and show how even Alienware has become vulnerable to owner Dell’s recent trend toward offering fewer customization options. The fact that Alienware will not overclock the X51 out of the box also gives the Origin system a dramatic performance edge.

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