22 July, 2014: The Origin Genesis uses a full-tower BitFenix Shinobi XL case, a larger version of the ATX Shinobi chassis Maingear uses for its Vybe Super Stock . The larger XL model supports XL-ATX motherboards, and it also has a 2.5amp USB 2.0 port on top for speedy mobile-device charging. Aesthetically, the two cases are similar, from the colored piping to the rubberized exterior coating that helps the Genesis feel like a sturdy, well-built machine.

Inside, the Genesis is a typically exquisite boutique gaming PC. Stuffed as it is with liquid-cooling hardware, multiple graphics cards, and three hard drives, Origin’s system builders routed all of the cables and tubing neatly, maximizing internal airflow and ensuring that it will be easy for you to add or remove hardware as necessary.

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