27 August, 2014: The Pentax K-01 mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (ILC) certainly makes an impression. While it definitely looks like a camera — unlike, say, the Lytro — it has a distinctive aesthetic that I think most people will either love or hate. And as a camera it inspires some ambivalence as well. It’s capable of delivering outstanding photo quality for its price class, and the ability to use K-mount lenses without an adapter is more than worth the tradeoff of the huge body. But the autofocus and image processing is sluggish, and a camera this large really should have at least the option of an add-on EVF and/or an articulated display. Plus, there are some aspects of the design that simply annoy.The video quality is a mixed bag, though. On one hand, it’s bright, saturated, and sharp in good light. But there’s also quite a bit of rolling shutter and some haloing on edges. Low-light video is soft and quite noisy. 

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