24 July, 2014: The ioSafe Solo G3 is a great upgrade to the previous SoloPro by being quiet, better-looking, and offering faster performance. Still, it’s not for everyone, but that’s for the same reason not everybody needs an armored truck for their daily commute. Like the SoloPro, the new Solo G3 looks like a huge asphalt brick, though better-looking with a new, shiny outer casing. At 15 pounds, it’ll likely be the heaviest external hard drive you’ve seen. It’s so heavy that, with its rounded corners, it’s actually hard to pick it up. It would be nice if it came with a handle on top, but unfortunately it doesn’t. the Solo G3 doesn’t have any fans, making it work almost completely silently, except for the faint humming of the hard drive inside. It produces no vibration, either. On the back the G3 comes with just one USB 3.0 standard port, the power port, and an on/off switch. The drive has no other connection type, such as FireWire, eSATA, or Thunderbolt. Similar to the SoloPro, the G3 is huge, heavy, and comes with layers of protection to guard the internal hard drive against extreme heat and water submersion. The G3, however, doesn’t come with any fans, making it run silently. the ioSafe Solo G3 makes a great investment. If you want a similar drive that also offers support for eSATA, check out the SoloPro. The reason the drive is so big and heavy is because of multiple layers of protective material that keeps the internal hard drive safe from extreme heat (up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes). The drive is also able to survive water submersion up to 10 feet for up to 3 days.

Use “Undelete” to recover deleted files from SoloPro G3 hard drive.

Use “Unformat” to recover data after format SoloPro G3 external hard drive.

Use “Recover partition” to recover files if SoloPro G3 hard drive partition changed or damaged or deleted.

Use “Full Scan” to recover lost files SoloPro G3 if partitions show as “raw” or recover files which can not be found with “undelete”and “unformat” and “recover partition” , recover files from raw partition, recover files of partitons which are not NTFS, nor exfat, nor fat32.

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