12 August, 2014: The Thecus N4200 offers fast performance, comes with a convenient hard-drive-bay design and a backup battery, and can handle both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch SATA hard drives. The server supports multiple RAID configurations, lots of redundancies, and has plenty of ports for storage expandability and print serving. Users can also add more features via downloadable modules.The Thecus N4200 is one of a few four-bay NAS server we’ve reviewed recently, and though it has decidedly fewer features and functions found in NAS servers like the Synology DS410, it has a few useful novelties of its own. The server is the first we’ve seen that includes a backup battery module, a dual disk-on-module (DOM) design, and the ability to host both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch SATA hard drives. It also has plenty of USB and eSATA ports and a very well-thought-out hard-drive-bay design.

Use “Undelete” to recover deleted files from Thecus N4200 partition

Use “Unformat” to recover data after format Thecus N4200 partition

Use “Recover partition” to recover files if Thecus N4200 partition changed or damaged or deleted.

Use “Full Scan” to recover lost files Thecus N4200 if partitions show as “raw” or recover files which can not be found with “undelete”and “unformat” and “recover partition”.

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