18 August, 2014: The Toshiba Satellite U925t is an engineering marvel, with a carefully constructed chassis that pulls open and rotates into place, giving you a final form that’s closer to an iPad sitting in a keyboard case than a traditional clamshell laptop.the first generation of Windows 8 hybrids and convertibles feel more like proof-of-concept machines than systems you’re likely to end up using full-time. But the Satellite U925t is one of my favorite designs so far (even if it shows that most PC companies have simply given up on coming up with interesting names for products), alongside the Acer Aspire S7 and the Dell XPS 12 .Like the similar-in-concept Sony Vaio Duo 11, the U925t has a design that is much more complex than the standard single or double hinge on a regular laptop. While the Sony version literally pops up from its tablet position and locks into place, this version is a little less kinetic, sliding back manually, then tilting up at whatever angle you like.

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