12 August, 2014: The Canon EOS Rebel T5 proves that not everything that seems newer is better. To replace the Rebel T3, Canon repackaged the several-years-old T3i in the body of the T3, along with its stripped-down feature set. As a result, the EOS Rebel T5 is a much worse deal than the now-similarly-priced T3i.The T5′s photo quality ranks as typical for an entry-level dSLR; in this respect, all APS-C sensor-size cameras at this price deliver about the same image quality. It does seem to have a slightly narrower tonal range than other models; JPEG photos look good up to ISO 400, at which point you’ll start to see blotchy blacks when lighting get low.While the camera can sustain a continuous-shooting rate of 3.1 frames per second for an effectively unlimited number of JPEG images but only 6 when shooting raw, the Servo AI mode (Canon’s tracking autofocus, for focusing on moving subjects) and autofocus system delivers more misses than hits in a lot of situations.The T5 produces usable JPEG photos up to about ISO 800, although you can start to see the image degradation in shadow areas — for example, compare the word “pushed” in the shadow of the paper at ISO 400 vs. ISO 800The default Auto Picture Style increases contrast to the extent that some colors shift. If you want more accuracy, you can switch to the Neutral Picture Style, but remember to boost the sharpening because Canon dials it way down in that setting.

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