08 August, 2014: The Pentax K-50 doesn’t seem like much of an update apart from the colors and a nonspecific update to the autofocus system. That said, it still stands out from the competition with the same weather-sealed body, the aforementioned colorific cornucopia, and Pentax’s usual broad set of shooting features. However, the image quality is a bit disappointing — especially when using the default settings — and the performance, while fast enough for most tasks the family photographer might require it for, is slower than you get from the competition.Overall, the image and video quality disappoint, especially on the default color settings. Following a long Pentax consumer tradition, Custom Image still defaults to Bright, a setting that indiscriminately pumps up color saturation and increases contrast, resulting in serious hue shifts and clipped shadow detail. Switching to the Natural setting or shooting raw helps somewhat. If you’re not worried about color accuracy, the occasionally surreal colors might appeal. On the other hand, the interface for the Custom Image setting is really nice — it shows you exactly how the presets and changes affect the color gamut.

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