19 July, 2014: The Curve 9370 is a pixie of a phone. It’s stylish enough, with a glossy black face that does indeed curve smoothly from the top and bottom to meet the back in two points. Unfortunately, the entry-level Curve lacks some of the finish needed to make a premium-looking device. There are some dark-gray metallic-looking accents around the narrow rim and back, as well as around the optical touch pad and the RIM logo on the slightly textured back cover–which also has a faintly rubbery finish.

I mentioned that the Curve 9370 is small. At 4.3 inches long by 2.4 inches wide by 0.4 inch thick, it’s also noticeably slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, the Curve 3G 9330. Weighing in at 3.5 ounces, no one can accuse it of being heavy, but I wouldn’t call it a toy either.the Curve 9370 runs on BlackBerry 7 OS and has NFC (near-field communication) support for pairing accessories or reading SmartPoster tags, and a 5-megapixel camera.

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