flash memory card recovery software for recovering photos, pictures, videos, Word documents, Excel, PDF and other files from formatted Philips FM16SD45B – flash memory card 

Using the Secure Digital card users often encounter some trouble, and sometimes both in speed sd card, computer or external device, they can not read the data files in sd card, this time need to think carefully to see if in the end are those aspects of a problem, Secure Digital flash card data lost reasons including : 

SD memory card chip is not clean – Treatment: Use cotton sheets points apply to alcohol or water gently until the water dry and then reinsert 

SD flash card infected with virus – the computer card, or other low-end storage (such as cameras, etc.) on the format, such as in computer format, should be taken to FAT format, not FAT32 format. 

Non-normal format Secure Digital card – Treatment: As the mobile phone and computer format as formatted by using the method described in the definition of a computer file format and then re-formatted just fine. If readers try on the computer, cell about Secure Digital cards, please be sure to check whether the format of the card is FAT, FAT32 E680 because it is not recognize the. 

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