22 January, 2014: External Hard drive data recovery software helps you to recover all missing files from lost, corrupted or formatted External Hard drive. Follow the steps, we can get data back.

Sometimes ,When you reformat your external hard drive, accidentally, will be missing some things,for example:documents, letters, photos,videos, etc, If external hard drive is formatted, you can select the “unformat” to recover lost files.

Aidfile data recovery software can help you recover all data from external hard drive, such as recover word data from external hard drive,recover excel data from external hard drive,recover photo data from memory card ,recover video data from sd card ,recover pst data from usb drive,recover pdf data from pc,recover pictures from digital camera ,and so on.

External Hard Drive is a kind of Hard Disk Drive only which is external in nature. Unlike the hard drive present inside the computer system, it is portable & detachable and can be taken from one place to another. It is connected to a computer system by a USB cable or other such means and used for transferring data from one PC to another or even to the laptop. External hard drive data recovery tools come into picture when this external hard drive data gets corrupted or damaged.

The Promise Pegasus2 lineup supports Thunderbolt 2 and is the fastest direct-attached storage solution to date.The Pegasus2 line is Promise’s upgrade to the previous Pegasus lineup (including the Pegasus R6 and the Pegasus R4); it adds support for Thunderbolt 2 and an all new R8 model — used in this review — that includes eight internal drives to offer up to 32TB of storage space. Other than that it’s very similar to the previous-generation models.

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