Aidfile Recovery software is comprehensive recovery tool & ultility for any Digital Media that allows users to recover formatted music video files from basic format to high-end raw image formats for most popular professional music camera like ipod, iphone, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Minolta which includes mp-3, wma, mp4, flv and more.

FLV is short of FLASH VIDEO, FLV streaming media format, with the introduction of Flash MX video format evolved. Because it documents the formation of small, fast loading, making it possible for network viewing video files, it appears effective solution for video file into Flash, so that the exported SWF file in size, not very good on the network use of other shortcomings.

The Video files recovery can be made in an easy manner with opting simple techniques. For viewing the effective result of the software you can also get download the free demo version of the aidfile recovery software. This can efficiently analyze and than evaluates the whole functions of the software and so their features in very advanced form.

Computer crashed suddenly, the music don’t get a backup in time, lost all the music video files, Click the “delete” by accidentally, all the MV songs in your USB media erased. Accidents often happens, what we should do is trying to recover the loss music video. When the music videos was erased from hard drive or some other external devices, a deleted MV recovery is in demand.

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