USA - People should know that the gold is very soft. So, the fashion jewelry which has been produced by gold is difficult to set the system out of a variety of exquisite styles especially when people want to inlaid pearls, gems, jade and other treasures. However, they would be likely to be lost. Therefore, people could add a small amount of other kinds of metal such as silver, copper, zinc and other metals into the gold to increase the strength and toughness of the gold designer jewelry and handmade jewelry. This kind of golden fashion jewelry could also be called the K gold. Then, people would have problem about how to select and maintain these kinds of K gold jewelry. Today, the most professional online fashion jewelry seller which website is would tell people what factors they should pay attention.

The most directly factor is about the color selection for the K gold jewelry. The color should be suitable handmade jewelry for people themselves. However, K gold is made of gold and other non-ferrous metal smelting alloy. In that case, the color of K gold can be formulated into a variety of kinds according to people¡¯s need. The commonly color for K gold designer jewelry has included yellow, white, pink, blue and so on. Now, the most popular K gold color is pink gold which is also known as the 18K rose gold. However, the typically rose gold is usually consists of 75 percent gold, 21 percent copper and about 4 percent silver. Its charming colors AND unique shape has become the new favorite for more and more people.

The second is about the style selecting. However, the style of the gold fashion jewelry should be fitting with the temperament of people. Frankly speaking, the sorts of K gold jewelry are in variety of types. So, if it is at the time of purchase, people could choose their favorite one based on their personal preferences and temperament styles. For example, the selection of different colors of K gold can be selected according to the individual skin color. People with the white skin color would be suitable for various colors of K gold jewelry. If people¡¯s skin color is close with yellow, they could wear the K gold jewelry which is very lighting.

The third point is about the workmanship of the gold fashion jewelry. However, people should pay more attention to pearl jewelry sale the quality of these products. When people buy K gold fashion jewelry, they should pay more attention to the workmanship and quality of K gold fashion jewelry. People should touch the welding part of jewelry by hand and see whether their corners are smooth and flat. For the K gold necklace chain, people should to check whether the buckle is firm or not. Also, there is a gold-plated designer jewelry on the market. This kind of fashion jewelry would be mostly made ??of silver or copper and the surface of them has been coated with gold, palladium and other metals. However, its appearance is the same with platinum and K gold. But, the quality between them are in difference.

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