China - People should know that the chemical properties of silver jewelry such as Thomas Sabo pendants are not very stable. It is very easy to have chemical reaction with other substance. In that kind of situation, the color of the surface for silver jewelry is very easy to become black. So, what is the best method to help people solve this problem? Today, the best online flagship store for Thomas Sabo pendants which website is would give people some coups to solve this problem.

First method is related with the liquid. People should use the coca cola to soak the silver jewelry. The soaking time should be not less than 12 hours. People should also use the lipstick applied to the cloth and then wipe the silver and wash the silver jewelry with water at the final. The application of acetic acid is also very useful. On the other hand, the using of tea after a night is also suitable for the soaking to silver jewelry.

However, if it is necessary, people could also apply the silver cleaning cloth to clean the thomas sabo charms black color on the silver jewelry such as Thomas Sabo charms. On the other hand, people should also use the professional silver washing water to soak the silver jewelry for one to two minutes. The time for soaking should not be more than two minutes. This is necessary because the silver washing water has strong causticity.

The tooth paste is another useful cleaning substance for people to make the black silver jewelry become sparkling. The toothpaste and toothbrush should be the best combination. The most simply way should be that people should use their lighter to burn the black silver jewelry and then people could use the silver cleaning cloth to polish the silver jewelry. However, this method is only limited to plain silver and the gold inlaid silver jewelry cannot be applied this method. On the other hand, temperature should be not too high. However, it is forbidden to using matches because matches containing sulfur which will have quick chemical reaction with the silver jewelry such as Thomas Sabo jewelry and Thomas Sabo bracelet. On the other hand, the 925 silver jewelry can also not use this method because the 925 silver contain the copper and other alloys as well as the plating layer.

The plain silver jewelry could often become black. Although people would thomas sabo charms wholesale always clean their silver jewelry especially the famous brand silver jewelry such as Thomas Sabo jewelry and Thomas Sabo bracelet, the cleaning process is also very troublesome. In that kind of situation, people could prepare a bottle of transparent nail polish before cleaning the silver. After the cleaning process, people could use the hairdryer to dry the silver jewelry and then people should coat the silver jewelry with a layer of clean silver nail polish.

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