Beijing - The valves such as gate valves and butterfly valves also need the appropriately maintenance. This kind of situation is just like other mechanical products. The expert from website has said that it could be effectively prolonging the using life of the valve in china if people could deal with this kind of job properly. The following article from website which is the best manufacturer for valves and other pipe fittings would describe with people the maintenance methods of the valve.

The storing and maintenance of the valves such as gate valves is very important for the prolonging if the valves¡¯ using life.

First, people should know that the purpose of keeping and maintenance of valves such as butterfly valves is to let the valves be damages in the period of keeping. In fact, the improper keeping and maintenance is one of the important reasons of valve damage.

Second, the plan of keeping and maintaining of the valves such as gate valves and butterfly valves should be well-organized. People should pay more attention that the small valves should be put on the shelves. On the other hand, all of large valves can be neatly arranged on the ground in the warehouse. However, people should not huddle chaotic pile and they should not let the flange face be directly contacted with the ground. This is not only for aesthetics but also mainly to protect the valve not be broken.

Thirdly, people should know that due to the improper storage and handling, the hand wheel steel flanges would be easy to be broken. On the other hand, the fixing nut between the hand wheel and crooked stem would be easy to be loosen. However, these situation and unnecessary losses should be avoided.

For the valves which would not be used in short period of time, people should remove the asbestos packing to avoid electrochemical corrosion and then damage the valve stem.

For the valve such as gate valves and butterfly valves which have been just entered into the library, people should check them carefully. If there has been entered into dirt or water during the transportation process, people should wipe these dirt things and water clean and then they should store them well.

The entrance of the valve such as gate valves and butterfly valves should be sealed by the using of wax paper or plastic sheet which could help to prevent dirt entered into it.

For valves such as valve in china which could be easy to be rusted, people should paint the rust surface of the valves. This rust oil could help to protect these valves such as gate valves.

Valves such as butterfly valves which would be placed outside must be covered with butterfly valve linoleum or sheets and the objects which have the function of anti-rain or anti-dust. On the other hand, the storage warehouse should be kept clean and dry.

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