America - In general, the material of the cheap womens clothes is stretchable polyurethane fiber. If beauties encounter with the swimming pool where contain the sterilization water with the disinfectant bleach or place swimsuit for women for a long time in a wet environment, it will cause into the elastic fatigue for the fiber and scalability deterioration of the swimsuit. In that case, select the right saving mode is very important.

First, due to chlorine, sunscreen oil, chemical drugs and other substance into the water of the swimming pool could cause into the destruction of swimsuit elastic so people should try not to staining water on the swimwear. People should firstly wear the swimsuit for women and then coat the anti-sunlight oil. After the swimming process, people should be first rinse off body and then take off the swimsuit.

Second, women should not touch the cement bottom of the swimming pool, sand, rocks and other rough surface areas where will likely to cause into the skin abrasion for these cheap mens clothing . When people enjoy the spa with sauna, they should not wear the swimsuit so as to cause into the heat deformation.

Third, people should not put the swimsuit into the stuffy swimsuit bag or car trunk to avoid the heat fading for the swimming suit. People should quickly hand wash their swimsuit for women and dry it as soon as possible.

Fourth, if people want to clean swimsuit, the swimsuit must be first soaked in water below 20 degrees and then add a little neutral detergent. After this process, people should scrub gently by hand after 10 minutes soaking then rinse it by clean water. The swimsuit for women should be putted at shade place for drying. The using of hot water, laundry detergent, bleach and sunlight should be totally avoided.

Fifth, people should not use the dryer to drying the swimsuit. This could help to avoid damage to swimsuit material which will cause into swimsuit deformation. After wearing the swimsuit, people can use some amount of mild detergent and the unavailable detergent and bleach should be totally avoided . People should just gently rub the swimsuit for women and this is already enough.

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