There are several ways in which you can get ranks improvements for your website. There is an increasing trend of websites which are trying to top the local search listings as that brings potential customers from the vicinity, the same city, state or country. Google Places and Google Plus Local ensure that websites can be optimized for high local search ranking. There are many ways in which the relevance of the website for UK visitors can be enhanced. There are priority keywords which associate the website to UK and thereby make the page get a higher rank when it comes to UK visitors. You can also try to get links from websites that have UK related content and are followed by target audiences from UK.


If you have to affect ranks improvements you need to get backlinks from websites that rank relatively high when it comes to UK related information. This includes Yellow Pages, public search directories, article submission directories related to UK, bookmarked social media pages, etc. Backlinks can be received from such sites in many different ways. If it is a UK blog, you can request for guest blogs and exchange of links. You can also comment regularly on public sites, as that will lead the traffic following your responses, to your website. By providing relevant and sensible answers you can actually impress the visitors and lead the traffic to your site, thus building a steady stream.


By using the keyword tool provided by Google, you can first find out all the keywords which are associated to UK and to the products, services and information that your site intends to offer. In order to build traffic and bring about ranks improvements you have to optimize the content on the website around the keywords. From headings to videos and other files uploaded on the website, it is important to achieve as much optimization around the keywords as possible. Since it is not practical to focus on all the keywords, it is imperative that you pick a set of important keywords and then start to build content around them. Keywords mapping to specific requests, popular products and services or common queries should be picked for maximum exposure.


A very simple but important step in ranks improvements is to have landing pages that attract and retain traffic. You need to leave links of your preferred landing pages at sites that will drive target audiences to your website. In some cases, UK specific pay per click ads can be strategically placed on high traffic websites to bring traffic while you build your customer base. It is important to analyze if the ads that you are using actually appeal to your target audience. The last thing you want is to spend on ads that bring the wrong audience that realizes its folly after visiting the site and leaves. So, designing the right ads and tailoring it around the right content is important to drive UK traffic which will bring potential UK customers.



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