20, August 2015: Modern citizens are living in such big cities that the traffic has been the problems which haunt people. Endless carlines on the roads, huge crowds in the metro and on the buses and the air pollution caused by cars remind people again and again that it’s time to “break up” with the terrible city traffic today. Fortunately, Airwheel has brought the intelligent self-balancing scooters to the grand public.


Airwheel X5 electric unicycles are the early model in Airwheel family. Of course the vehicle parts of Airwheel X5 may be not the newest ones, but they are still the most powerful ones. The power bank of Airwheel X5 adopts the Sony Li-on battery cores which have large electricity capacity and long equipment life. Airwheel chose the 132 Wh battery cores for Airwheel X5, and the battery cores can be recharged 2000 times, which is the equipment life 4 times to battery cores of other brands. The processor of Airwheel X5 is the most advanced processor worldwide with the most advanced micro-architecture and significant performances which enable the built-in operating system to monitor real-time data with facility.


All the hardware and software of Airwheel X5 make it possible to ride it for “breaking up” with the traditional city transport problems. The small size and extreme portability make Airwheel X5 the “Walkvehicle” for people. And the powerful performance of Airwheel X5 make riders possible to travel on all types of roads like sidewalks, underground passages and so on. But there is no need to worry about the accidents of running into someone. Airwheel X5 have the most intelligent system with the quick response to riders’ orders. The control of Airwheel X5 will be just like that of controlling one’s body parts.

Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters are the suitable vehicles for all roads in the city. So with Airwheel X5, modern citizens will experience the truly free transport in the city. Time to “break up” with the traditional city traffic problems!

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