Costa Rica, 26th August 2013: Any new business requires a boost of inexpensive promotion before they can start gathering their market share. To build up a reputation and get people to start noticing your service or product so that they know where to find you when they need those particular services or product, is a cumulative effort. Regardless of the many ways that you can start your promotional strategy, it is important to find the ones that have the maximum impact on the lowest budget. This is especially important for start-ups with initial low margin of budget for further promotions. 

Local promotions are very important if your business is bound within a certain range and the geographical constraints in some way regulate your market position. There are many kinds of solutions for this particular situation. Business listing sites are one of the most efficient solutions in this regard.

If your business is located in Costa Rica and especially if you are starting up around the Guanacaste region, you will need to find a business-listing site that helps connect with the maximum number of consumers from the local areas. is an elegant solution for this situation. You can find a whole lot of ways to promote your business in this directory without losing a lot of edge on your marketing budget. 

Direct advantages for retailers and vendors from the area 

This business directory can get the maximum number of eyeballs on to your new venture, with just a listing within the site. The site comes with a variety of categories, so you can easily find your niche and list your physical business with your web addresses and representations. You can also put in classified ads on the site and with these live ads; you can get instant and consistent online exposure. This site is a free or low cost tool for your business marketing, especially in the Costa Rican region. 

SEO advantage for your business site 

If you have a website representation, you must be familiar with the logistics of SEO that go in to creating the perfect dynamics to attract more market attention to your products and services. N of the best ways to increase your page rank and domain authority is to get back links and position your site on to high traffic websites. With your listing and news consistently featured on, you can get one-step further with your SEO goals, while fulfilling direct marketing needs as well. So, in a way, it is a double advantage for your digital promotional strategy. 

Promotion of Events and local news 

You can also use the site to promote your upcoming events or share your business’s rise in the local news. You can also get your business events covered and send in articles to the site to get more attention on your growth as an enterprise. Apart from this, you can also find specific news regarding your area featured on the site, this will give you much of the information that you might require to pitch in new presentations or create more informed decisions regarding your business marketing. 

About: is a premiere business-listing directory focussed on the Guanacaste, Playas Del Coco, Ocotal and many other regions of Costa Rica. The site offers local classifieds, business news, events and business listing services for local start-ups and established business to increase their online exposure. 

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