18, August 2015: Dogs and ticks have been spreading dreadful diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and many others for centuries. Latest statistics indicates that an estimated 300,000 of new cases of Lyme diseases is reported every year in the US. Besides, tick bites trigger all sorts of allergic reactions and cause anxiety in dogs and cats causing major mental and physical health problems. Understanding the graveness of this issue, the leading pet store, HRS4Pets introduced the super efficient pet tick remover as a solution.

The user-friendly tick remover is made of finest quality stainless steel. The twin blades accompanied by the textured handle with an enhanced grip makes tick-removing ultra easier. The ergonomic design pulls out the insect completely without leaving body particles intact or harming the skin of the dog or cat. The tick remover with curved blades is the ideal tool to get rid of large ticks without squeezing the parasite, which can lead to an infection. Unlike many tick removal applications that can be toxic or cause allergies, the premium pet tick remover does not have the slightest impact on the safety of the pets. The money spent on the tool is once in a lifetime investment that will keep the furry buddies healthy and happy.

Detecting a tick infection and treating it in a timely manner is vital to keep a pet healthy. Click on the Add to Cart button at http://www.amazon.com/Remover-Stainless-Lifetime-Accuracy-Anxiety/dp/B0125VUBSW to keep a cat or dog away from the dangers presented by the parasite.

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