08, May 2015: The Hubie Magic Hitter Training System is providing online hitter training courses for baseball and girls’ fast-pitch softball, from little league level through to high school and travel team players. The training system is also offering a hitting coach certification in the Hubie Magic Hitter Training Program for baseball and softball. In addition to hitter training, the courses include confidence training, phone consultations and video swing analysis.

The founder and owner Coach Mike Huber, aka Hubie Magic, is a professional hitting expert. His talent was recognised by Ted Williams and he was hired to coach Ted’s son in 2003. Huber has successfully increased player and team batting averages and slugging percentages by at least 50 points simultaneously, for more than 20 years.

When contacted, Huber said, “I have been testing my online hitter training program and comparing the results to live training stats and found the online training to be just as effective as live training, with a 98 percent success rate.” He further added, “The demand for my hitter training program has grown beyond my ability to provide live training to the baseball and softball players and teams all over the U.S. With the success of the online hitter training program, I can now meet this demand and achieve the same amazing results.”

The Hubie Magic Hitter Training Program is tested and analyzed and has more than a 90 percent success rate with both teams and individuals. Statistics were collected from both boys and girls, all at various league levels from small to major and found all groups were equally successful. The program is presented in four different membership plans: bronze membership, silver membership, gold membership and platinum certification.

About Hubie Magic:

Hubie Magic is presenting an online training program for baseball and softball players and coaches. The program is presently based in Chicago but will be moving to Tampa, Florida in the coming months. The Hubie Magic Hitter Training System is an expert program offered by Coach Hubie who is devoted to helping teams, players, coaches and big organizations learn the best hitting methods when playing baseball or softball.

For Media Contact:
Person: Mike Huber
Phone: 847-312-1061
Email Id: [email protected]
Website: http://hubiemagic.com/