China; 09, January 2015: Sinco Chem Mongolia Alliance is mainly involved in exporting chemical compounds like sodium hydrosulphide, calcium carbide, sodium sulphide, and ammonium chloride and so on. The export and import of these chemical substances brought magnificent revenues in the Company’s coffer. All these chemical substances are of first grade quality. The Company not only exports its chemical products in the Asian countries but also in other countries of the world. The Company has many foreign clients and thus making it a most reliable chemical company of the world.

Its most common product that has quite a sufficient demand in the international market is the Sodium Sulphide. The sodium sulphide is prepared by the reaction of sodium with the compounds of sulphide. The sodium sulphide is a yellowish fragmented compound. It is mainly used for making rubber dyes, paper manufacturing, textile industry, detergent and so on. Its utilization in paper manufacturing industry takes place through Kraft process. The sodium sulphide causes skin burns and so special preventive steps must be taken while dealing with this chemical compounds. The product is exported in various model codes to the respected dealers.

The other most preferred exported chemical compound of the company is the calcium carbide. It is a colourless solid and this chemical compound is much in demand in the Company’s order list. Calcium Carbide is mainly used as a fruit ripening agent. Besides, its other utilities include preparation of safety lamps, production of polyvinyl chloride, and preparation of acetylene and so on. The biggest client for this product is the Universal Pharma of the United Kingdom. The Company every year exports huge quantities of calcium carbide under different code models to the UK clients.

Along with calcium carbide and sodium sulphide the other chemical compound of the Company is the sodium hydrosulphide. This chemical is used as a reagent to synthesis the organic and inorganic compound, manufacturing of clothes and papers simultaneously. The Company exports this product with great precautionary measures because it is very much inflammable.

Besides the exports of chemical components, the Company also delivers finished chemical goods such as the acid dyes, sodium thiosulphate, sodium polysulphide and so on. The Company has its factory branches in South Africa, Brazil, Vietnam and so on. Each of this country solely depends on the chemical compounds supplied by this Chinese company. As of such the company not only delivers raw chemical components but also takes an active participation in exploring new chemical components in each of these countries. The Company has got expert geologists to unearth new metals in any country when proposed to do so.

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The site provides information about company’s policies and annual reports. The company follows the standard norms of labour security by providing special aprons to its labourers while they worked with harmful chemicals in the factory.

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