Las Vegas, NV (December 09, 2015) - Humelab is a renowned manufacturer of high tech designed furniture that are commonly used in our everyday lives. Its name stands for “Experimental Humanities” since its products connect basic human necessities to the future’s digital technology. It started with a vision to create signature digital market that will be very useful to mankind. Using this as the company’s inspiration, they designed Tabata; a Coffee Touch Table, Samanta; a Dinner Touch Table, Toma; an Interactive Desk, Eva; a Tactile Multi-Touch Gadget and Clea; a Family Entertainment Table.

GeekBite has given this technology a five star rating and this is what customers have to say about one of its product ; the Tabata Coffee Table; “Nothing can be cooler than getting a coffee table running Windows with a touch screen feature at the same time. With Tabata, you can have access to your home entertainment system or work according to your own preference. You can even invite some friends to play touch screen air hockey with this table. This is simply amazing.”

These products are robustly made for everyday use and come with sleek design that will give highlight to your space. Powered by the latest generation of Intel processors, it has the speed faster than any tablet you can find in the market. It is waterproof, sun proof and allows you to communicate with your tablet, smartphone, TV screen, internet box and other home or office automation system.

During Monaco’s 5th Edition International Clubbing Show (MICS), Humelab( received an award as the best innovative product. The company showed its designed skills, high tech art work, customization and integration through its Aviator; one of their technophile collector.

Meanwhile, Humelab also deployed many touch tables for all Novotel chains worldwide. They designed a 32 inch touch table employing the blueprint of its flagship product ; the Tabata Coffee Touch Table.

“This is the world’s first connected and interactive experience and nothing can be better than having a kids corner in the hotel equipped with all these interactive furniture”; Martha; one of the hotel’s customer stated.

Such global approach of Humelab only showed its ability to respond to the global market’s business issues.

Meanwhile, the company has been selected by iNUI Studio as the manufacturer of the integrated prototype device to maximize AIRxTouch Technology. Interactive windows; this is how the future entrepreneurs will run their business. This can be very useful for banks, watchmakers, luxury good manufacturers and other businesses. And this future technology will can now be availed today through Humelab.

Humelab started in 2001 with the hope to come up with products with digital signature market. Today, it is one of the leading companies in the industry of innovative digital products which are found to be very useful in offices and homes.

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