Huntington Beach, California — From the moment the O’Neill van pulled up at Huntington Surf and Sport, everyone on the HSS crew knew it was going to be a great day. Gone were the clouds and drizzle that week and in its place were sunshine and new O’Neill wetsuits.

Orange County O’Neill wetsuit expert Brian Bailey, along with wetsuit expert John Hunter, showed up Friday morning to show off O’Neill’s Fall 2013 wetsuit lineup. The HSS crew, as usual, was not only excited to see the new products but could not wait to get them out in the water for a little testing.

The reps stopped by HSS as part of the “Psycho Tour,” a promotion effort that brings O’Neill’s research and development expert, John Hunter, on location to answer questions about the company’s products. HSS online surf shops have proudly carried O’Neill products for years, and the HSS crew were excited to test out the following available models:

- Men’s 4/3 Psycho 2
- Men’s 4/3 Psycho RG8
- Men’s 4/3 Superfreak
- Women’s 4/3 Psycho 2
- Youth 4/3 Psycho
- Youth 3/2 Superfreak

HSS surf stores online and on location will be carrying the latest O’Neill products soon. HSS surfing professionals can answer questions about availability and help customers decide on the perfect wetsuits for their needs.

About Hunting Surf and Sport:

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