While Sandhya and Sooraj are making all ends meet to ensure that Sandhya keeps Bhabho happy and gets to fullfill her dream of becoming an IPS officer, it seems that she is not alone in this mission. Recently when Bhabho aka NeeluWagela was in a mall shopping she was mobbed by a group of women. It seems the women were extremely upset that Bhabho was not allowing her daughter-in-law to pursue her dream in DiyaAurBaati Humand refused to let go of her without hearing them out.


This is not all,Neelu also said that from her watchman to the vegetable vendors all are in support of Sandhyaand are not happy with how Bhabho is dealing with Sandhya.This is not all even when SRK came on the show he requested her to allow Sandhyato follow her dream like he has chased his.


Neelu who is extremely amused with the feedback from everyone said, “The show at this point is at a high where Sandhyacan lose her third matka or she can get the permission to fulfill her dream. While we all are working very hard on the show I am very happy that I am getting such a response from my viewers. I can’t step out of my house at times. But this is a true testimony to the fact that the viewers are living the DiyaAurBaati story with us and that all areeffortsarebeing noticed.”


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