I don t like the phase of promoting my films reveals Ajay Devgn on Breakfast to Dinner

~ UTV Stars gives the audience an exclusive look into the superstar’s life as the actor talks about his love for driving, friendship with Prakash Jha and much more ~


This week UTV Stars’ show Breakfast to Dinner is set to give it’s audiences a peek into the life of Bollywood’s versatile actor Ajay Devgn. The celebrated actor has given a number of hits to Bollywood and continues to entertain his fans through and producing super-hits. Ajay Devgn, even amidst his busy schedule, loosens up and gets candid on UTV STARS’ Breakfast to Dinner. The actor pours his heart out on the show while he reminisces the earlier traffic-free days of Mumbai nagri and talks about promotions.


An actor’s day starts with innumerable commitments and no time to breathe and similar is the day of Ajay Devgn. The day starts with Ajay Devgn parting his Juhu residence in a hurry with no time for breakfast as the day ahead is filled with media interactions. While most films bank heavily on promotions, Ajay candidly admits that he still cringes when it comes to promoting his films. He discloses, “I don’t like the phase of promoting my films as I find it very boring.” Further explaining his distaste for these activities, Ajay says, “I don’t think anybody likes the phase of promoting films, because you end up answering the same questions over & over again. There is no creative thought process involved and beyond a point it does get boring.” As the day continues and the journey to his destination elongates, Ajay is reminded of those days when Mumbai was traffic-free and how he loved driving back then.


Breakfast to Dinner also catches up with Ajay’s best buddy and the uber talented director, Prakash Jha. Even during his demanding schedule, Ajay reveals the marvellous chemistry he shares with Prakash Jha. The duo gives credit to their friendship for all the multiple hits they have had. As the day ends, Ajay Devgn takes a leave after an extremely packed up and tiring day.

Catch Bollywood’s versatile actor, Ajay Devgn, exclusively on UTV Stars BREAKFAST TO DINNER on Sunday 13th October, 2013 at 7 p.m.


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