“I don’t know why Zero is called Love in Tennis” — Mahesh Bhupati
The ace tennis star played a completely candid game of questions with ‘Captain Tiao’

Indian Tennis doubles Ace Mahesh Bhupati has fiercely and successfully battled it out in the tennis court but, recently India’s first Grand Slam player was left baffled by the questions of a young kid ‘Captain Tiao’ a.k.a Sadhil Kapoor. Mahesh Bhupati will also be seen divulging some interesting facts about the sport and its terminologies, in the upcoming episode of Disney Channel’s new celebrity chat show ‘Captain Tiao’.

When the young and inquisitive Captain Tiao' asked him for some tips in tennis and why zero is called love in tennis, with a surprising and equally naive expression Mahesh replied, “To be honest, till date even I don’t know why is it called love”. To back swing Mahesh Bhupati with some mind twisting questions, Sadhil asked him if the tennis ball weights too much because all the players scream while hitting the ball, Mahesh then revealed the secret saying, “That is just to scare the opponent”.

‘Captain Tiao’ is a first of its kind short format talk show conceptualized keeping in mind the curious nature of a child and the intriguing questions that children never hesitate to ask. The show presents Sadhil Kapoor as the host ‘Captain Tiao’ who with his mind bending questions gets celebrities to reveal some unknown and interesting facts of their lives. This recently launched show continues to bring to life Disney Channel’s promise to Express Yourself, Believe Yourself and Follow Your Dreams with its new refreshing concept.

‘Captain Tiao’ airs every Sunday at 10 AM exclusively on Disney Channel




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