The I Phone is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is an Internet and Multimedia Enabled smart phone. The I Phone functions as a camera phone , Internet client and a portable media player. It also has web browsing, WIFI connection and email facility.

There are a lot of Tips and Tricks with regards to the I Phone:

The I Phone, like the Mac, is extremely simple and intuitive to use.

Scroll to Top of Page: Tapping the status bar (the bar at the top) will make scrollable content scroll to the top. It is handy in situations like when you have scrolled down a long web page or mail message and you need to get back to the top. This also has the time, service bars, and battery. In Safari, apart from taking you to the top of the page it also takes to the URL bar.

Saving images in Safari and Mail: An action sheet will be presented which will enable you to save the image by touching an image in Safari or Mail for a couple of seconds.

Email: Press the delete button that pops up on the right to delete email by just swiping left to right on the email list

Phone Call: To stop an incoming call from ringing, press the sleep / wake button. Press the sleep / wake button twice to send the call immediately to Voicemail.

Domain Resolution: When you want to type an URL on the safari, you can just type the name of the URL instead of typing “www” or “.com”. For example if you want to get in to webpage just type “icici”. Your Search Engine must be set to Google and not to yahoo.

Caller ID: If a contacts photo is transferred with the contact's info from the Address Book, the contact's photo is shown as a thumbnail for the caller ID.

Caps lock: Double-tap the Shift key to lock it. The shift key will turn blue. Also make sure it is enabled in the General Settings. A handy way of saving a tap when you need to type a capital letter is to touch the Shift key then slide over to the desired key.

Address Book: By creating several sub groups it can speed up the location of a contact given the lack of an actual search function.

Characters: Hold a letter for a popup of various versions of the character (i.e. to type España with the "n" simply hold "n" and release to the appropriate character).

Take a Screenshot: If you want to take a screenshot, hold the home button and click the sleep button. The screen will flash white and the screenshot will be stored in your camera roll.

Fast Forward/Rewind Music & Video Press and hold forward/back arrows to fast forward or rewind. Press on the album art to manually Fast Forward or rewind it.

Click & Hold URL's
In Safari, hold a link to see the URL and site name.
So, if you have an I Phone make use of the above tips to effectively use your phone.

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