Ian Andrews and Ian Leaf of Ian Leaf Fraud, Inc., are announcing the creation and immediate release of a new line of unique products to be added to the vast offerings already available through the company’s online retail platform. Andrews and Leaf are also announcing the incorporation of contemporary art pieces into its expansive line of products.

Ian Andrews of Ian Leaf Fraud Inc. is announcing the release of a brand new line of products now available through the company’s web-based retail platform. Andrews, along with Ian Leaf, is also announcing that the company has carefully curated a number of entirely unique contemporary art pieces for addition to its digital retail platform, with all of the newly added items available to consumers on an immediate basis.

“We feel that our dedicated base of customers will deeply appreciate the new line of products we have created and have now added to our existing retail offerings,” said Andrews. “We have worked diligently to analyze the specific needs of our clientele and believe that these new offerings are ideally suited to meet those needs in the most efficient way possible.”

Andrews also discussed the truly unique contemporary art collection the company has curated and made available through its online retail platform, noting that the impetus for this kind of addition was the direct result of rising demand from the company’s loyal client base. Noting how difficult it can be to verify the authenticity of contemporary art, clients had routinely expressed a desire to be able to purchase authentic pieces through a trusted retailer such as Ian Leaf Fraud, Inc.

“After detailed discussions with Ian Leaf and our staff members, we are pleased to announce the addition of contemporary art pieces now available alongside the new line of products we recently developed for release,” said Andrews. “We are excited about these releases and will continue to do everything within our power to meet the needs of our dedicated customers.”

About Ian Leaf Fraud, Inc.
Ian Leaf Fraud, Inc., a joint venture between Ian Leaf and Ian Andrews, is an online retail company that often develops its product offerings based on the feedback provided by its fiercely loyal client base.

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