Mumbai, December: Catch Mr. R.R. Patil, Maharashtra‘s Home Minister go candid on his much talked about rags to riches political saga in an exclusive interview with Mr. Nikhil Wagle, Editor IBN-Lokmat on the show “Great Bhet” on Saturday 12th December 2009 at 9:30pm.

Christened as 'Mr. Clean' in political circles, Mr. R.R. Patil has been in the lime light for some of the most thought provoking and hotly debated decisions and movements like ´Gadgebaba Abhiyan‘, the ban on dance bars in the state of Maharashtra and ´Mahatma Gandhi Tantamukti‘ the Dispute free village campaign. Even while these pot boiler issues are being deliberated the associated benefits will continue to have their resonance in the social milieu for several decades here after.

Mr. Patil will share some engrossing anecdotes from his tumultuous & roller coaster career journey right from his days as a zilla parishad member to the much sought position of deputy chief minister of Maharashtra. Mr. Patil will also throw light on his achievements, mission as the home minister of Maharashtra and his future plans. Besides this he will also share his insights as an astute organisational skills and result driven leader.

Some of the other Highlights of this interview will include discussions on his decision of tendering his resignation right after the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai and Mr Patil‘s take on the growing politics in police department post the terror attack.

Influenced by the ideologies of ´Mr. Vasantdada Patil‘ & ´Mr. Sharad Pawar‘; Mr. R.R. Patil who is known for his aggressive oratory skills is all set to offer spectators a packed and captivating interview session.

So be sure to witness this talk and tune in to IBN-Lokmat GREAT-BHET on Saturday, 12h December 2009, at 9:30pm.

You can also watch this interview in “Great Bhet” on Sunday @ 12:00 pm & 5:00 pm and hear the seasoned politician speak his mind.

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