, an e-commerce dealer of refurbished ice machines , has announced the addition of an ice machine sizing guide to its website. This guide includes the ice usage for many types of establishments. It covers different capacities needed based on the application such as in food service, bars, restaurants, lodging, health care, supermarkets, offices and cafeterias.

The guide provides daily ice usage calculations, so customers can decide on the type of commercial ice machine needed based on their operational requirements. The guide page is also printable so it can be used on the go, without a connection to the Internet. In addition to calculations and the right machine for the job, users also learn how much ice they actually need before opening a new establishment. Home users can also find residential ice machines with a number of choices to pick from.

Ice machine clearance sells products in different categories. It sells primarily clearance ice machines and water filters to match. Their specialty is refurbished ice machines with the new addition of refurbished soda dispensers , outdoor appliances and commercial refrigeration products. All of the refurbished machines are handled by their expert technicians. They are inspected, repaired, cleaned, sanitized, and tested at specialized facilities.

A matching ice machine water filter can be found for many different models and is recommended for new, used and refurbished ice machines. In today’s economy, businesses are all looking to save money without cutting corners and purchasing refurbished equipment is the perfect solution. They are more affordable and just about as reliable than a new ice machine. All units are spruced up on the inside and outside. Exteriors are also conditioned to make for a presentable system, complete with a warranty.

It’s not uncommon to find products as much as 50-80% off of the list price. These are sold by the company as refurbished and as clearance, overstock, and scratch and dent models.

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About is a leading source of ice maker and refrigeration equipment. The company employs an expert team of technicians who repair, inspect, clean, sanitize, and test refurbished products before they go on the market. Residential and commercial customers often save as much as 50-80% off list prices on ice machines, soda dispensers, commercial refrigeration equipment, and water filters.