Tablet, smartphone and computer users can now manage apps easily and conveniently on their gadgets by creating attractive icons for shortcuts and programs through the new and free Icon Maker. The software contains several variations and is consequently a good choice for marking applications with customized logos in variable formats.

Fitting the requirements of naïve as well as pro users, the Icon Maker comes with a number of advanced options over and above standard in-built default settings. Formats supported include BMP, JPG PNG, ICO etc. and the program can be used for editing icons as well, if desired. Makers hold the tool as a means of offering end users immense versatility in creation and editing of icons easily and swiftly for the Windows operating system.

The Icon Maker is user-friendly in essence and works through a simplistic interface that has been deliberately kept free of complex settings and parameters from all aspects. The small and lightweight design is set not to impinge on the speed and performance of a device it is installed in. And once initiated, it works at rapid speed, creating colorful and attractive icons through just a few simple clicks. Users can choose to resize, rotate, roll and/or copy the images against other apps, if need be, through this utility.

A company representative from the developer’s house sums up the usefulness of the program in a few words, “The Icon Maker provides small-graphics professionals a cost-free way to let loose their creativity streaks sans the sharp learning curve”.

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About Icon Maker

The Icon Maker, is a superior quality icon designing tool to be used for creating attractive and customized icons swiftly and easily. The Icon Maker works through a straight and streamlined GUI.

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