A magnetic door lock is a form of door security which contains a magnet (hence the word "magnetic") and is protected by means of a connection between the magnet and an electric element. Magnetic locks come with an electromagnet (electric magnet) that locks a door whenever united with an electric source. Whenever the power goes out of a building or perhaps home, electromagnetic locks do not work-thus permitting individuals the right to go from one room to another without the risk of being locked up inside one room. Whilst magnetic locks need the use of electricity, they are able to receive this from either the electricity of a building or a pack of batteries.

A magnetic door lock kit is used in building like convenience stores, gas stations, pawn shops, and home residences, and comes with a power supply, signal transmitters and receivers, and also a lock and exit button. Some magnetic kits have a keypad, surge protector, installation guide, striking electromagnetic plates, and the lock assembly. The power supply provides a charger source that retains your magnetic lock in operation. Power supplies are perfectly useful in case your lock is included with a battery pack and needs the battery pack for its continued usage. Signal transmitters as well as receivers pass messages from one to another and back to the lock so that the lock can do its job (avert thieves from breaking into the building or perhaps home). Keypads enable business owners and homeowners to press a passcode or password on the pad (having keys which you press as a way to shut off the alarm and unlock the magnetic lock, permitting entry into the building). A surge protector prevents the magnetic lock from blocking off in a thunderstorm or electrical storm and enabling thieves to break in and rob possessions. An installation guide is important to a proper setup of the magnetic lock. You have to install the lock properly so that it can do its work in preventing a business or home invasion.

A magnetic door latch is a part of the magnetic lock that allows you to pull on the door so as to open it or close it. It is similar to a door knob but different in that you do not turn it or twist it; instead, you lift it up, pull it down, or pull it straight forward towards you whenever you open the door. To install a magnetic latch, you must first determine where the latch will go on the door. You may place the latch on either side of the door. Some want the latch be placed outside the door so that, should someone attempt to force entry, he or she will be stopped from easy access. Others prefer the latch inside the home so they are able to know if someone attempts to make their way inside the house. There are various spots on the side of the entry door where you could place the lock. Next, you must drill holes in the place where you want the lock to sit. Once you do that, you may attach the latch and plate to the door and drill bolts within the holes in order to prevent somebody from ripping off your electromagnetic lock.

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