Manchester, NH — June 08 - Identity thieves are not the traditional crooks who break into houses or snatch purses. They are the fraudster who could steal in just a matter of seconds or minutes without the victim knowing it. They typically use devices that make the entire criminal process easy and undetectable.

Identity thieves can victimize even the most tech-savvy consumer. Skimming devices are widely available nowadays. These are used by many thieves to steal information from credit card holders and use it for fraudulent purposes.

Thieves use different techniques to commit the crime. They may use a skimming device and attach it on the ATM. It is imperative that consumers evaluate the ATM machine before using their credit card on it.

According to Manisha Thakor, co-author of "On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl's Guide to Personal Finance,” consumers should take a look at the machine and determine if there are traces of activity. Traces of activity may include loose bits or scuff marks around the area where the card is usually inserted.

Such signs may mean that thieves are trying to attach a card skimmer. ATMs in a low-traffic locale are typically easy targets of thieves.

In checking the balance of savings account, consumers should do it at home instead of a public area such as a coffee shop. While free Wi-Fi access is good, it makes consumers vulnerable to hackers that are always ready to spy on online transactions.

Hackers often spy on financial transactions and obtain information such as passwords. Consumers who receive messages from a bank asking for their information should refrain from giving out any details without contacting their bank. Messages may come in a form of text or from twitter, Facebook, and other mode of communication.

Erik Mueller, vice president of payment system integrity a MasterCard Worldwide, reveals that any unsolicited phone call or message from email, text, or social media could be an attempt of thieves to do phishing scams.

Fraudsters can easily commit identity theft crimes just by obtaining the right data. Those who think the message they receive is legitimate may contact their issuer or bank directly.

There are products that are designed to fight identity thieves and one is the RFID blocking sleeves. This set of sleeves is produced to help consumers increase their protection against thieves.

It works by blocking credit card skimming devices from stealing the card information and using it for fraudulent purposes. These RFID blocking sleeves for credit cards and passports are available at

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