Have you, like millions of other women, been guilty of diagnosing a vaginal problem as a yeast infection and then treating it yourself? A large percentage of women who chose to self-diagnose and self-treat are correct and their vaginal Candidiasis clears up. Even though you may have been right this time, it was an irresponsible way to treat a yeast infection, and it could have led to bigger problems. It is easy to make the wrong diagnosis, and that is due to a range of factors that are probably unknown to the person. The fact is that people who do this are playing with a little bit of fire. Yeast infection symptoms are imprecise. They are similar to the symptoms of other types of vaginal infections. So, be on the safe side and go to your doctor or local health clinic and find out for sure what you have and receive the correct treatment.

Nevertheless, as we have mentioned more than once, numerous women diagnosis their yeast infection and pick the medication to treat it with from OTC drugs. If you self-diagnose and make a mistake, you will only realize this by paying close attention to how your body responds to the treatment. You may recognize easily the common symptoms of a yeast infection, but if they are accompanied by other, more ominous symptoms, don't hesitate to visit your local clinic or hospital. Symptoms as diverse as flatulence after you eat and a craving for sugar-laden foods could indicate a much more serious condition, even if they are accompanied by your common yeast infection symptoms. You could have any of these, or other, symptoms along with what you think are yeast infection symptoms when, in fact, none of them have anything to do with a yeast infection. It's important to get to the doctor if you suspect that you, or your child, has oral thrush, which presents in the mouth. You should always play it safe with regards to your child's health, and a suspected yeast infection definitely demands an evaluation by a medical treatment professional. If there are no other health concerns or obstacles, then oral thrush is pretty straightforward to treat. The possible concern with oral thrush is if it causes too much pain and discomfort associated with eating and drinking fluids. The danger here is with possible dehydration If you find yourself not being able to drink water, give your doctor a call immediately. He or she may have you visit the hospital or clinic for a different treatment plan and fluid replenishment.

Boric acid capsules have been used many years as a natural home-remedy for a vaginal yeast infection. It's especially useful if you have a chronic yeast infection that didn't respond to other antifungal medicines. One caveat, though. If you are pregnant, don't use boric acid capsules. Actually, don't even self-treat. As always, pregnant women must see their doctor if they suspect a yeast infection and especially a vaginal infection. If you have an infection that you suspect is a yeast infection, and it's not clearing up after treated initially, please don't use the alternative remedy we mentioned above, but visit your doctor immediately. Your condition may not be a yeast infection after all. Even if you're sure you made the right diagnosis, and you really believe you have a yeast infection, you could be wrong.

Treating a yeast infection, even one that has been ignored and is exhibiting more severe symptoms, will more than likely be successful. You will find that the successful treatment of any yeast infection depends, not only on the location of the infection, but other elements as well. One good thing is that as the symptoms get progressively more unpleasant, most people will hasten to get treatment. If you develop an internal yeast infection as a result of a yeast overgrowth, that is a different matter altogether. They develop rapidly and must be treated immediately or they can become very serious. It's true that many common yeast infections are easy and quick to treat and eliminate, but because of all the different developments of a yeast infection, you should never treat one lightly.

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