13, January 2015: The premiere Google personalized start page service that allowed users to make their own customizable home page, ceased to exist in 2013. There are many that relied heavily on igoogle, so what happened then that the tech giant had to scrap down the service? Apparently, not enough people found it useful. However, the good news is that people can still customize their home page with their favorite news feed, weather forecast and other widgets. The iggadget.com igoogle alternative is fantastic to set user start page just the way they like it!

The interactive search bar at the top offers myriad of options and is same as the igoogle search. Search for gadgets, Google images, Google maps, Google News, and even the social networks. Now customizing home pages gets simpler with iggadget.com with so many features and more that users can explore. “It is a complete iGoogle alternative,” state the specialists at the backend, “the phenomenal response from users indicates how it has been able to overpower the (Google’s) start page service.” Truly with so many exciting features and service benefits iggadget.com does score higher in the tech bar-o-meter this season! The fact that it is easy-to-use and works absolutely according to user personalization, there are more reasons why iggadget.com is getting popular among users.

“There is a sense of control that users get with iggadget.com,” indicates the admin. “Arranging the home page with Google maps or the weather update is so simple, just like igoogle. These are not imitations but actual igoogle gadgets.” Created to enhance user experience that many seemed to miss after the shut down last year, finally iggadget.com is the answer to getting those amazing theme images to work for a personalized feeling. The best part about the site is that it is free of advertisements and promotional clutter — just like users prefer. There are so many categories; stunning themes combined with widgets same as that of igoogle gadgets.

iggadget.com also uses custom channel pages with focus on popular topics — entertainment, sports, music, news and more. With many more features to come and continuous upgrade, the website is aimed to improve custom home pages that consumers can use for that personalized feel. Get all of the stunning facilities in one space with superior customized benefits. The igoogle search like search bar at the top optimizes search results from various genres. These topics improve user experience while making it more superior. The themes are so enticing that users can actually create their own personalized experience, day in and day out.

The igoogle gadgets provided amazing personalization facilities that simply made the service so much in rage. However, sadly the fall of the ill-fated igoogle gave vent to many users looking for other similar services. Not all can match to the research and development that the iggadget.com team made for the purpose. It has made start up pages more easily customizable, just how the user likes it to be. Simple and clean designs with easier access to gadgets surely make iggadget.com a winner.

About iggadget.com:

iggadget.com is the leading igoogle like personalized home page service that allows users to combine all their necessary widgets into one single space. The result of such enhanced user provision certainly gives it a fresh feel with just the right hint of Google’s igoogle. To know more, please visit http://iggadget.com/