The United States of America, July 5, 2014: Star Wars is a franchise that has become a legend in its existence. The video game has different versions and is loved by people throughout the world. There is a population that swears by the name of the franchise. IGXE is an online service that has different provision relevant to video games and online gaming. It provides SWTOR credits, gift cards, rewards, special offers, prepaid cards, power levelling, CD keys and similar relevant services and products to video game players. It has a fully operational business with proper customer service option and a fully functional website.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) was first announced in 2008 by BioWare Austin along with another team at BioWare Edmonton. It is an online game with extensive multiplayer support. The game progresses as a story in a unique fictional set, where players have play the role of a character among either the Sithe Empire or the Galactic Republic. Players have to explore, defeat enemies and complete the mission. The franchise has received many updates, which signify the popularity it enjoys among the video enthusiasts. Players need to purchase armour, weapons and skills at IGXE to make their character stronger.

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IGXE is an Internet Game Exchange service provider. It provides CD keys, power levelling, prepaid cards, gifts cards and rewards online. It is considered a secured and reliable platform for game currency. It regularly announces special offers to make deals favourable and feasible for gamers.