28, January 2015: Illusionist Kam Tesla announced last Thursday his future plans for a grand illusion or large scale illusion to vanish the 320 meter tall Eiffel Tower. Despite his two visits to the globally popular landmark, he still believes that more planning will be needed before the grand illusion is executed. A team dedicated to Kam Tesla has begun preliminary sketches while holding regular meetings to discuss momentarily vanishing one of the world’s most famous and iconic landmarks.

A spokesperson for Kam Tesla said “This is a grand illusion and is centered around the famous Eiffel Tower so it will be a publicly held event. We are soon to begin talks with city officials and we welcome their support for bringing Parisians a truly magical moment.”

The Eiffel Tower was designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel and originally erected for the 1889 World Fair, but was generally considered a visual blight by Parisians on the Paris skyline. A large scale illusion that was televised in America, like the vanishing of the Statue of Liberty in New York by legendary magician David Copperfield raised the bar for grand illusions. Illusionist Franz Harary also executed a large scale illusion by vanishing the landmark Taj Mahal. Large scale illusions epend on teams of engineers, advisors, and consultants working behind the scenes to create the said effect.

Kam Tesla said “I am dedicating this illusion to the pioneers and legends of performing magic like Dai Vernon and Lance Burton. Magic is about the communication that is created between the magician and the audience. The more the audience is involved, the greater enjoyment they will have in the illusion. That is why the Kam Tesla team has made it our mission to involve the public when initiating a large scale illusion of this magnitude. I believe that this event will be among the most important grand illusions executed in the history of magic and illusions. We welcome feedback from Parisians and their correspondence thus far has been encouraging.” No date has been set for the vanishing of the Eiffel Tower event but Kam Tesla pointed to mid-2016 as a possible date for this historic event.

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