The other side to the "how rapid can I build back links" debate reveals that you shouldn't fret about it, and simply build links full steam ahead (a natural nod with the help of article spinning software and relevant technologies).

This position takes many of the positions stated in the article on drip feeding your links and then turns them on their head.

First, detractors of the theory state, there's no evidence that Google even HAS a sandbox, and therefore, shy link builders are jumping at shadows. Yes, it is thought that Google will penalize you for link farming or link spamming, and if they notice that you've added a substantial number of links all at once, they may dance you off the front page while they inspect, but so long as your sources are all legitimate, you have nothing to bother about., and so, the use of article spinners should pose no specific challenge, given that the links built with said content are constructed with intelligence.

Additionally, this side of the argument depends on a reverse link building example to make its point, saying something like this: If it were possible to build links too rapidly, then you could build 10000 links for your competitors tomorrow, and have Google bury them. Google sees all the evil, nasty back links and buries your toughest competitors, removing them from page one, and you take the top spot by simply being the last man standing.

Certainly that's not likely to generate the good search results and user experience which Google depends on to survive, so naturally, it's not going to take this approach.

Further still, the quick link building crowd will indicate new movies, computer games and theme parks (ie., the Harry Potter theme park that opened recently).

In each of these instances, when the new thing was introduced, it generated an immediate and ENORMOUS buzz. Individuals all over the 'net were talking about it, and linking to it.

In the span of just a few days, the Harry Potter theme park website probably had a few million links pointing to it from individuals all across the globe.

Did Google bury it?

De-list it?

Obviously not! That's perfectly organic and natural. That is, actually, the way much of back linking occurs, so unless you can top that (unless you can generate a couple million back links in just one day for your business), you're not even going to make any ripples.

Which position is right? In the end, it doesn't matter. What matters is what works best for you, so do keep article spinners and relevant technologies in mind. It may be something you notice quite helpful and worthwhile.

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