Cropping photos can be fun but, it can get overwhelming when there are a ton of options to choose from and a highly complex user interface. The new Image Cropper program is by far the most simple and the most effective cropping software that the user can apply to get the job done. The program is also small on size which means those who are short on space don’t have to worry about the program gobbling up the remaining space.

The cool feature about this new app is that cropping can be done in two ways. The first, the user can select any of the readymade preset sizes which have been designed to provide maximum impact and a better image. The second approach to cropping is more for the professional who has a size in mind and wants to see the desired output in a certain size.

The Image Cropper program is totally free of cost and free of malware or any viruses. This is usually not the case with most freeware as the programs invite a host of unwanted programs that can create nuisance.

About Image Cropper:

The brand new cropping software offers convenience, speed, versatility and the freedom to crop images based on specific user requirements.

The software supports a wide range of image formats and those who wish to import images from other folders can as well do so with higher flexibility. The program also allows for bulk cropping which is again a very convenient feature to have for users who don’t have a lot of free time. To know more about the program, read the reviews and to download it for free, please log onto

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