The moment an organization decides to adopt the lean six sigma model they need to consider an effective lean six sigma deployment plan. For this the requirement is for professionals that can manage the deployment strategy. One way to manage this is to have some employees go through lean six sigma online training. In the long term this makes complete business sense. This method is cost effective and this is what lean six sigma is all about, isn't it?


If you consider the approach of the lean methodology you can take it as a combination of six sigma DMAIC, quality tools that are used in TPS and six sigma and the lean tools that are used in TPS. Lean is all about speed and it has a metric that is the ratio of value-add time and total lead time. The lesser the value-add time better is the value that you get from lean six sigma. Then there are the laws of lean six sigma that need to be taken into consideration.


The first law is the Law of the Market that states that the first issues to be addressed must be critical to quality. Then there is the Law of Flexibility that states that process velocity and flexibility are directly proportional to each other. Then there is the Law of Focus that states that 80% of process delays are caused by 20% of the process activities. The final law is the Law of Velocity that states that the average velocity of process flow is inversely proportional to the average demand-supply variation and the number of components present in the process.


The lean six sigma deployment plan essentially covers the four aspects of process, organization, measures, rewards and tools. Process involves organization goals, identifying opportunities, DMAIC and results. Organization is how the project team structure needs to be created. The project has to have the backing by a senior member of the organization while it needs to be led by a master black belt. The master black belt will lead a team of black, yellow and green belts. Measures include leading indicators and the financial improvements for every initiative. Rewards include bonuses and recognition. Tools could be many including kaizen, kanban and poka-yoke.


Since the organization plays an important role in any lean six sigma deployment plan the manpower has to be identified and trained for such projects. Lean six sigma online training can be arranged for some of the employees in the organization before the deployment plan is put in place. For lean six sigma online training you need to find a partner that has the capability, both in terms of experience and technical ability to provide training and certification.


One should never rush into a lean six sigma deployment plan. It has to be well thought out by experienced six sigma professionals. Hence, the strategic planning has to be put in place and if the requirement is for lean six sigma online training the organization should be ready to spend on it.


A lean six sigma deployment plan almost always brings in positive results. However, organizations should be able to spend on lean six sigma online training.