Great oral health is not something that begins when the permanent teeth have started to erupt. Parents that would like to keep their children as healthy and happy as possible will need to begin with regular dental treatments and impeccable oral healthcare at home from the moment that a child is born. Here is a quick glimpse at some of the most important tips for a kid's dental care as well as some of the advanced treatment options that are now available to those that periodically visit a comprehensive dental practice.

Healthy teeth and gums start from the moment that a child is born. Some of the foods that they eat and habits that they engage in, such as sucking on a pacifier, could permanently change the layout of their gums and their teeth. During these first few years, parents should be sure to speak with their dentist as well as their primary healthcare provider in order to ensure that their child is getting a well-balanced diet as well as developing healthy baby teeth.

When the teeth begin to come in, a kids dentist will be able to assist parents by teaching them the proper techniques to clean the teeth and gums before the kids have the correct amount of ability to carry out brushing and flossing on their own. Although the baby teeth do begin to develop, they will be integral step it comes to the health of the child's permanent teeth. Any serious damage to the baby teeth or gums during the childhood could result in a lifetime of oral health issues.

Some of the most common treatments throughout these years are dental sealants, spacers, and professional teeth cleaning. These few quick and painless services will give a child the best chance at avoiding serious health issues such as malocclusion and dental caries. In between these treatments, children should also be instructed on how to correctly brush and floss when they are able to carry out these habits on their own.

All parents have to also speak with their dentist about the amount of fluoride that their child is exposed to. Throughout the United States, many local and state agencies place a small amount of fluoride within the public water system. This substance is very important during the development of the teeth in order to create strong and durable enamel. Children that do not receive enough fluoride are at a much higher risk of health problems down the road. This is why many childrens dentists now offer fluoride treatments that may include mouthwashes, varnishes, and foams.

Maintaining a child's oral health is one of the most important gifts that any parent can offer their children. This is why it is necessary to start these treatments as early as possible for a great smile that will last throughout their lifetime.

As your Chino pediatric dentist, our dentists at Upland Dental Practice strive to provide your kids with the dental treatments they need in order to help them maintain a healthy and beautiful set of teeth.