The ability to jump higher makes you perform better at almost any sport. It is not a wonder then why many athletes would want to seek improvement in this physical skill. Back in the day, genes were seen to be the only contributing factor to this ability to jump higher. Today, we know better though. We now have more knowledge about the physiological aspects involved in vertical jumps and that we can utilize training tools like The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller so we can improve this ability. So what really goes into getting the body to jump higher? What specific parts of your body must you work on and how can you train these? Some tips are detailed below.

Leg power and a strong core are needed for one to be able to jump higher. The right combination of strength and speed is what results into your leg power. A good vertical jump can't be attained if you posses only one of these two. It is then essential to train for both strength and speed when you are after achieving vertical explosion in your jumps. One way to attain leg power is through plyometrics training. Plyometrics training are exercises that allow a muscle to reach its optimum strength at the shortest amount of time possible. When the adaptive responses of the target muscle group is triggered by a plyometrics training, you know that that training is working. For a detailed guide on how you can achieve this kind of training, read theVertical Jump Bible by Kelly Baggett.

In order for you to improve your jumps, you also need a strong core. This is an important factor in achieving balance and developing force transmission. It is actually a strong core that will transmit the strength that your legs produce to the ground so you can jump high. This is why core training should be present in a jump manual. Its absence is a telltale sign that you wouldn't be getting your money's worth. Some examples of core training exercises that are proven to be very effective are leg lifts, lunges, side planks, back extensions and knee ups.

You can also increase your vertical jump height through jump ropes. Jump ropes are a very easy and effective way to help your leg muscles become more reactive. This responsiveness can have prove to be very useful during certain sports situations. You can do jump ropes before your workout as they make for an excellent warm up routine. For more tips on how to jump higher and how to choose a program that will help you jump higher, check out Jump Manual Review at

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